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“Evexia” apartments for rent, are located in the center of Loutra Edipsou, a small beautiful touristic town of the Evia Island.

We located on the most central and commercial street of Loutra in a traditional alley suitable for rest and tranquility away from the intense traffic of the city.

“Evexia” Apartments are just 200 m away from the beach as well as 600 m away from the beach with the semi-heated springs. In addition, two large private hydrotherapy centers and the hydrotherapy center of E.O.T are approximately 150 m away.

Furthermore, opposite our rooms at a distance of 15 m from the entrance at the end of our traditional alley is a supermarket KRITIKOS and within a radius of 10 m two shops with daily home-cooked food.

Lastly, you can find the bus station approximately 60 m from our apartments, making your mobility easy among the island.

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